Hello! My name is Montanan Meemongkolkiat, I am 24 years old and I come from Thailand. I currently studying for my last year of Bachelor at Van Hall Larenstein in Equine Sport and Business program.

Recently, I have just started my thesis and internship at Vereniging Eigen Paard which give me opportunity to apply the knowledge from school into real situation. Especially after I spoke to the Ilse Jespers, I am very sure that I will get a nice experience from working here.

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My passion for horses started when I was 13 years old, I did the dressage competitions in Thailand and bought my first sport horse from Netherlands when I was 15 years old. My horse is a Dutch warm blood which named Tribaldi and I brought him back to Thailand.

After that I had difficult time with my horse not only with riding but also the health care issue. I went to several instructors in Bangkok for advice and riding lesson, but the result still was not satisfied.  That’s the first time I was thinking about find more knowledge about horses in Europe.

After I finished high school, I sent Tribaldi back to Netherlands which his health and performance were nice again while I was doing a gap-year about horses in aboard such as Australia, Netherlands and Belgium. Unfortunately, I got a bad accident at my neck during horse riding and I must stop riding for at least 2 years due to suggestion from doctor. Therefore, I sold my horse to a good home in Utrecht and applied for my current study to follow my passion in horse career.

I ended up here because of my friend’s suggestion, she said this organization always open to new ideas and has an experience in working with students before. Thus, I will not only get a good commissioner but also good opportunity to find out more about my future career.

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